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Bruce Peninsula National Park of Canada


Top Campground Rules & Regulations

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  1. Most people visit the park for a quiet getaway. Excessive noise is prohibited at all times.
  2. To protect the park ecosystem, it is illegal to remove, damage or disturb natural or cultural items from the park. Collecting wood from the forest for campfires is also illegal.
  3. Keep pets on a short leash (3m or less) and scoop up after them.
  4. Open fires are allowed only in designated fire pits.
  5. The Ontario liquor laws apply in the parks. Liquor may only be consumed at your campsite. Liquor is banned from the park on Victoria Day weekend in May.
  6. On each site at Cyprus Lake, you are permitted: a maximum of 3 shelters (ie. two tents plus a kitchen shelter), six people (except for a family unit with unmarried children) and one vehicle. Some sites can accommodate a second vehicle (additional charge). Overflow parking is limited.
  7. Fireworks of any kind are prohibited in the park.
  8. Bicycles and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the hiking trails.
  9. Campsite check-out time is at 11:00 am.
  10. All vehicles parked in the Head-of-Trails, Day-use, and Overnight parking lots must have a valid vehicle permit. If you are camping at Cyprus, please leave your vehicle at your campsite. Parking at the other locations (ie. Head of Trails) requires a separate vehicle permit.
  11. For the safety of our wildlife, campers must follow the "Bare" Campsite Program
  12. Only firewood purchased locally on the Bruce Peninsula, or from the campground office is permitted in the Park.