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Ukkusiksalik National Park


Inuit elder in Ukkusiksalik
Inuit elder in Ukkusiksalik National Park
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Ukkusiksalik is a glimpse into pristine Barrenlands terrain with its abundant Arctic wildlife and birdlife. Boat along Wager Bay watching for polar bears and caribou, hike along the Sila River, see the impressive reversing waterfall and visit the remnants of a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post. Travel by boat and on foot and, in early spring, take advantage of long days to snowmobile into the park across sea ice.

Featured Activities

Take a Guided Hike with a Commercial Operator
Join a guided hike into remote rolling hills, across tundra and alongside rivers amid Ukkusiksalik’s Arctic wildlife, birds and the marine life of Wager Bay, safely camping out under the Midnight Sun.
Boat tour
Boat Tour Ukkusiksalik with a Local Outfitter
Hop into a boat with a local outfitter and cruise the waters of Wager Bay, the best and safest way to sightsee the landscapes of surrounding Ukkusiksalik park, its wildlife and marine life.
A Snowmobile Expedition
Jump onto a snowmobile and ride atop frozen Wager Bay into Ukkusiksalik’s icy winter landscape, watching for seals, caribou and polar bears and experiencing the wild Arctic under the Midnight Sun.

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