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Sirmilik National Park of Canada

Registration and Orientation

All visitors must register, pay a Backcountry Excursion fee and participate in an orientation prior to their trip, in person, at the Parks Canada Administration and Visitor Reception Centre in Pond Inlet. Allow one-hour for registration and orientation. If you are beginning your trip from Arctic Bay, you must phone the office in Pond Inlet to arrange your orientation and registration in Arctic Bay.

The registration and orientation is designed to:

  • ensure park staff have the information necessary to initiate coordination of a search and rescue operation.
  • provide up-to-date conditions and hazards to the visitor.
  • encourage and facilitate low impact camping and travel practices.
  • confirm that visitors have appropriate provisions and equipment.
  • help park staff learn more about what kinds of activities visitors are coming to Sirmilik to carry out, where people are going, and generally how the park is being used. This will help us make management decisions in the future.

This pre-trip planning package is provided so that visitors know what preparation is required of them and to trigger questions you should ask yourself before undertaking a trip into this remote arctic wilderness. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Park staff will review and help you complete your registration form at the orientation prior to your departure for the park.

Registration Information

The following list outlines the types of information you will be required to provide during registration:

  1. Dates entering and exiting the park
  2. Personal information
  3. Planned travel route
  4. Emergency contacts
  5. Level of preparation and experience
  6. Planned activities
  7. Outfitting services you are using

Do not forget to de-register upon completion of your trip!

If you plan on travelling on Inuit Owned Land contact the Qikiqtani Inuit Association at 1-800-667-2742 for permission. Inuit Owned Lands are designated on maps showing Sirmilik National Park. If in doubt check with Parks Canada or with the Nattinnak Visitor Centre.