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Quttinirpaaq National Park of Canada


Quttinirpaaq National Park offers a variety of wilderness experiences.

The Lake Hazen and Tanquary Fiord regions of the park contain many spectacular routes for hiking and backcountry camping during the short summer season.

Ward Hunt Island, along the park’s northern coast, is the launching point for North Pole expeditions. Such expeditions usually occur in March or April. A small number of visitors seek ski-touring or ski-mountaineering adventure on the ice cap and glaciers in the spring.

Cruise Ship © Tom Knight

A recent innovation in high arctic tourism has been the advent of icebreaking cruise ships. Contact the Parks Canada office in Iqaluit for details.

Proper trip preparation is essential. Winter visits are not recommended due to the extreme conditions caused by unrelenting cold and dark. Please contact the Parks Canada office in Iqaluit for a complete package of trip-planning information, including a list of licensed guides and outfitters. Due to the remoteness and natural hazards of the arctic environment, travel in Quttirnipaaq is recommended only for those who are highly self-sufficient and experienced in wilderness travel and their chosen activities.