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Auyuittuq National Park of Canada


Akshayuk Pass © Christian Kimber

Welcome to Auyuittuq National Park of Canada, where sweeping glaciers and polar ice meet jagged granite mountains. Here, a powerful arctic landscape awaits wilderness travellers who are adventurous and experienced.

Marine life thrives in the park's coastal fiords. Inland, the landscape is mountainous and windswept. With only 15% of the park's area vegetated, the erosive action of ice, wind, and water can be seen all around as you traverse the park's challenging terrain.

Ancient peaks protrude from the pristine icefields of the Penny Ice Cap, providing unlimited opportunities for ski-touring and ski-mountaineering. Skiers may also enjoy trekking over the sea ice on the fiords in the spring. Akshayuk Pass is a scenic 97 km corridor that cuts through the mountains between Davis Strait and Cumberland Sound. Used as an Inuit travel corridor for thousands of years, it is the park's most popular summer hiking destination.

Though stunningly beautiful, the arctic landscape in Auyuittuq is also harsh and can be dangerous. Proper trip planning and preparation is essential. Backcountry excursions should only be attempted by those who are truly experienced in mountainous wilderness travel and able to be self-sufficient. If you plan to visit, please contact the park office for a complete package of important trip-planning information