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Auyuittuq National Park of Canada

Planning the Length of Your Trip

Although most parties ski Akshayuk Pass in or from 6-10 days, you will need extra time in your trip as follows:

  • You should allow AT LEAST one day at the beginning of your trip to consult park staff and visit the Parks Canada office in the community where you are beginning your trip. You MUST participate in a mandatory orientation with Auyuittuq National Park staff. This orientation gives us the opportunity to meet you and to advise you of any recent bear sightings, hazards, weather observations or any other issue that may affect your trip. You may also need time at the beginning of your trip to arrange outfitter support and purchase stove fuel.
  • You should allow AT LEAST one day during your trip in case you need to wait out a storm under shelter.
  • You may wish to allow AT LEAST one day between airline connections, to give you time to adjust for airline schedule delays caused by bad weather. You may also wish to purchase trip insurance that would cover extra ticketing costs should you miss a connection because of weather.