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Auyuittuq National Park of Canada

Ski touring, ski mountaineering, and glacier travel

Access to the Park

Auyuittuq is accessed either by Pangnirtung Fiord (from Pangnirtung) or North Pangnirtung Fiord (from Qikiqtarjuaq on Broughton Island). Access is by oversnow travel (snowmachine, dogteam, or skis) when the fiords are frozen, or by boat when the ice has melted. During break-up and freeze-up the park is inaccessible.

The best time for skiing is April and early May. Most ski tourers will arrive during this time, when oversnow access to the park boundary is possible. We strongly recommend that skiers beginning in Qikiqtarjuaq travel with an outfitter to the park boundary to reduce their risk of encountering polar bears.

Access varies with the season and changes from year to year. Please check in advance with the park office in Pangnirtung (ph.867-473-2500) for this year's most likely scenario.

March/April/early May (spring)

At this time the fiords are frozen, making it possible to travel from either Pangnirtung or Qikiqtarjuaq to the park boundary by oversnow vehicle (snow machine or dog team) to start your trip.

June/July (breakup)

Breakup usually occurs near the end of June in Pangnirtung and by the middle of July in Qikiqtarjuaq. During this time oversnow or boat travel is not possible on the fiords.

Late July, August, September (summer)

The fiords are normally ice-free. At this time it is possible to travel by boat to the head of the fiords. Contact the park office in Pangnirtung (ph.867-473-2500) for a list of operators who provide transportation and/or guiding services.

October - February (winter)

Travel to Auyuittuq National Park is not advisable at this time. Cold temperatures, near-constant darkness and access difficulties in early winter make winter travel unpleasant, dangerous and sometimes impossible.