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Transcript for First Steps


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[This video has no spoken language]

[Text on screen] First Steps

[text on screen] in Wood Buffalo National Park

[text on screen] Captured by Tony Trudeau April 29, 2013

[text on screen ] This calf is less than 20 minutes into a new world

[text on screen] It is a new and welcome addition to a threatened species in Canada

[text on screen] A newborn calf weighs close to 50 kilos

[text on screen] learning to walk is the first step towards surviving in the wilderness

[text on screen] First it trys all 4 legs at the same time

[text on screen] Success!

[text on screen] Then a short rest

Gotta start walking baby!

[text on screen] First the front legs... then the back legs.

[text on screen] That went well.

[text on screen] Now... repeat it. Momma's over there...

[text on screen] Careful, it's windy out there.

[text on screen] A short rest is required, it's been a long 3 metres

[text on screen] Now, to catch up to the milk delivery.

[text on screen] First steps

[text on screen] Brought to you by:

[text on screen] Wood Buffalo National Park

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