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Dark Sky Preserve

The World’s Largest Dark Sky Preserve - Wood Buffalo National Park was designated a Canadian Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC).

The Canadian Dark Sky Preserve (DSP) program is a major conservation initiative of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) with the objective of increasing public awareness of the beauty of the night sky, the ecological relevance for nocturnal wildlife and the health benefits for mankind by conserving dark skies. Dark Sky Preserves are regions with exceptionally dark skies accessible to the general public.

The RASC states on their web release: “Wood Buffalo NP straddles the Alberta - Northwest Territories boundary and is the largest National Park in Canada, and with an area of 44,807 km2, it is larger than all dark sky sites in the world combined.”

Wood Buffalo is the first Dark Sky Preserve in Canada’s north and only the fourteenth designation in Canada to date. Other National Parks of Canada that are also designated include Kejimkujik, Kouchibouguac, Point Pelee, Bruce Peninsula, Grasslands, Elk Island and Jasper.

Already Canada’s largest park and second largest protected area in the world it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holder of 2 Ramsar Treaty Wetlands of International Significance, home to North America's largest native land mammal the Wood Bison, its tallest native bird the endangered Whooping Crane, and is where you will find the “World's Longest Beaver Dam” and birthplace of Parks Canada's mascot Parka.