Programs: 2013

Delivered at various times throughout the summer:

Pre-Registration is required for guided hikes, canoe tours, and Xplorers children’s programs. Contact the Visitor Reception Centre at 867-872-7960 to register. Please bring a snack and come prepared for the elements.

Pine lake
Canoeing on Pine Lake
© Parks Canada / H.Panter

Paddle Your Way - Guided Canoe Tours at Pine Lake - Discover the beauty of paddling in the aquamarine waters of Pine Lake. Learn about the flora and fauna, the boreal forest, the bison, and also why Pine Lake is an uvala. Saturdays @ 1 PM and Wednesdays @ 6 PM (June 1 – Aug.30). Equipment is provided.


Salt Plains
Salt Plains Guided Hike
© Parks Canada / N.Bourke

Guided Hikes – Hit the hiking trails to explore Canada’s only Salt Plains! This unique landscape boasts mounds of salt, brine creeks and deep, cooling mineral mud. Take off your shoes and let the healing mud squish between your toes! Guided hikes are offered to the Salt Plains and/or to Grosbeak Lake. Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 1 PM (June 1 – Aug.30).


Campfire program
© Parks Canada

Campfire Programs – Gather around the campfire to learn about bats, owls and other nocturnal wildlife in Wood Buffalo. Find out about the amazing journey of the whooping cranes and discover the fascinating mysteries of the night sky. You might even learn about the romantic life of some of the animals in the park! Saturdays @ 6 PM at the Pine Lake Day Use Area (June 1 – Aug.30).


Xplorer program
Making casts of animal tracks
©Parks Canada / N.Bourke

Wood Buffalo Xplorers – Young visitors can uncover the many amazing stories of Wood Buffalo National Park with our Xplorers program and activity booklet. Complete your booklet during your visit and earn your official Xplorers tag! An Xplorers program for children is offered every Sunday @ 1 PM (June 1 – Aug.30). Contact the Visitor Reception Centre for details.