Wood Buffalo National Park offers a variety of visitor experiences — from short strolls on secluded forested trails to rugged canoe trips on wide meandering rivers of the boreal plains. Whatever your choice of activity, a visit to the Visitor Reception Centre is recommended to help you plan your stay.


  • ​Meander through the Salt Plains

    Relax and watch the sun rise. Look for a wood bison or a whooping crane as you glimpse the contrast of red samphire against the whiteness of the salt from ancient seas.

  • ​Explore the Peace-Athabasca Delta

    The Peace, Athabasca and Birch Rivers merge with Lake Athabasca in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, a habitat that lures millions of birds, hundreds of bison, dozens of avian and mammalian species

  • ​Spend the night, or a week or two in the park.

    A day visit provides a window into the wildlife and landscape of Wood Buffalo National Park, however spending a night here offers an entirely different opportunity. Find adventure in the backcountry or stay in a cabin within walking distance of your car.

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