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Tuktut Nogait National Park

Base-Camping Trips

It’s time to make your #ArcticDream come true. Parks Canada can help you experience a place that many dream about but few ever visit.

Base camp at One Island lake soothes the mind Waterfront accommodations
© Pat Dunn / Parks Canada

Parks Canada guided base-camping trips make this hiker’s paradise easier to get to:
  • Hike for five days in a place where the sun never sets
  • Kick back and enjoy arctic base-camp living
  • Admire the stunning Brock River Canyon
  • Connect with Inuvialuit culture
  • Wake up in your tent and step out onto the tundra
Contact parks Canada at 867-777-8800

Canadian North airline offers discounted flights to and from Inuvik, NT for guided camping trip participants.