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Tuktut Nogait National Park of Canada


Hornaday River Hornaday River
© Parks Canada / Christian Bucher

Hiking along the Hornaday River Hiking along the Hornaday River
© Parks Canada / Leslie Leong

Tuktut Nogait offers unprecedented opportunities for backcountry enthusiasts to experience the arctic. The expansive, open landscape is ideal for hiking and wildlife viewing. Other recreational possibilities include paddling trips for both novice and expert paddlers, camping along sheer canyons, and fishing for arctic char and lake trout.

From early June until late July, the sun does not set this far north. These two months of continuous daylight offer visitors a unique chance to hike or paddle at any time of the night. The midnight sun is also accompanied by hours of soft light and long shadows - a photographers dream.

Keep in mind that this is true wilderness. There are no visitor facilities, established hiking trails or campgrounds in the park. Visitors are required to be completely self-sufficient.

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