Tuktut Nogait National Park is named after the Bluenose West caribou that are born here when the migratory herd returns to its calving grounds each spring. Other wildlife viewing includes native muskox, arctic wolves, grizzlies and the elusive wolverine. Wildflowers blanket the tundra, best viewed while backpacking or on day hikes during paddling expeditions on Class I to Class III tributaries. The Inuvialuit provide cultural interpretation on Parks Canada guided Arctic base camp trips.


  • base camp

    ​Guided Arctic basecamp experience

    Travel more than 100 km north of the Arctic Circle to one of North America’s most remote National Parks. No campgrounds here, guides lead you across the tundra where few have trod.

  • canoeing

    ​Paddle the great (largely unknown) Hornaday river

    Paddle the Hornaday River as it flows through Tuktut Nogait National Park to the Arctic Ocean. This 8-12 day excursion transects the tundra and splits red canyon walls 170 m tall.

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