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Transcript for Nahanni National Park Reserve - Buckle Up!

[This video has no spoken language]


Parks Canda Branding


wide shot showing large waterfall and surrounding landscape

[text on screen] Nailicho (Virginia Falls)

medium shot of waterfall showing only width of falls

close up of water rushing over falls

oblique view of falls showing rainbow in mist

[text on screen] Nailicho (Virginia Falls)

close up of rainbow in mist

close up of centre rock in waterfall

pan down centre rock in waterfall highlighting rainbow

[text on screen] Fourth Canyon

From water level, slow zoom out to show canyon walls with rafts in distance

From raft, turbulent water in middle of rapids

[text on screen] Fourth Canyon

From raft, sweeping by rock clifs on right side of ricer

From raft showing right side of river bank

[text on screen] Third Canyon

From shore pan left to show calmer waters and mountains in background

[text on screen] The Gate

from shore showing narrow chute in river between steep canyon walls

[text on screen] Pulpit Rock

Close up of rock spire in middle of narrow chute

[text on screen] Third Canyon

Pan down cliff face to show top-down view of narrow chute

[text on screen] Second Canyon

From raft on calm waters between steep cliffs

[text on screen] Georges Riffle

From raft in rough water

Blue canoe navigating the roughwater

Wide shot of clamer waters with a raft in background

[text on screen] (First Canyon)

Wide shot of First Canyon

Wide shot at First canyon

Close up of right canyon wall as it sweeps by

From raft looking up canyon wall from directly below

[text on screen] White Spray Spring

Meduim wide shot of creek flowing into river

Third shot of creek. Lots of water flowing over rocks

[text on screen] Laftery Canyon

Wide slow right to left pan of river valley showing bend in river and light rapids.

[text on screen] Real.Inspiring. Nahanni National Park Reserve

Credit to TBS Television in Japan

Parks Canada branding, Canadian flag logo

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