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Nahanni National Park Reserve

Canada’s National parks system is pleased to present Canada’s first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site and recently expanded northern park.


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Nahanni National Park Reserve

UNESCO World Heritage Site, unparalleled ecosystems, a climber’s paradise, spectacular waterfalls, unique plant life... we can only be talking about one Canadian treasure. This has been created from a collection of spectacular images for your viewing enjoyment by the folks who know the place.

Android and BlackBerry users: Click this link to download a smart phone friendly version of this short video to help you dream about and plan an upcoming trip or to remind you of past adventures.  Apple product users (iPhone, iPads, etc) please click on the link, download to your local computer and upload to your device via the iTunes application.

2014 Nahanni River Experience - Find Your Nahanni

River rafting in Nahanni offers both challenges and escapes. Which would you prefer?

Monitoring of fish in National Park Reserves

During the summer of 2014 a Parks Canada summer student participated in a study of fish populations in the streams of Nahanni and Nááts'ihch'oh National Park Reserves. This experience was documented by the student to show others the difficulties overcome to complete the survey in the wilderness.

Buckle Up!

Nahanni National Park Reserve offers guided rafting trips for those inclined to having their breath taken away.  Here’s a spectacular video showcasing the river from the base of Nailicho downstream out to the park boundary.  Experience swift water, the Gate, the Pulpit, raging rapids and riffles as you travel through the 4 canyons! Buckle up!