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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada

Coastal Habitats - Kejimkujik Seaside

Kejimkujik’s Seaside contains special and different coastal habitats that exist in close proximity to one another. During your visit, you can experience the following habitats: 

Barrens and bogs 
Forest islands and ponds 
Capes and cobbles
Islands and coves
Beaches and lagoons

The Seaside protects a small and representative part of the Nova Scotia coastline. The province’s coastal regions are more densely populated than the interior. Such wildernesses are extremely valuable.

Canada’s national parks are part of a network that seeks to represent all of the natural regions of the country. Kejimkujik is an inland park representing the Atlantic Coast Uplands Natural Region. The Seaside was added to the park in 1988 to represent the coastal features of this natural region.