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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada


Fish Management and Protection
Fish Monitoring

Fishing has played a significant role historically in Kejimkujik, from the traditional food gathering of the Mi’kmaq to the guided fishing trips of the resort era.

An angler in Kejimkujik An angler in Kejimkujik
© Parks Canada/R. Baird
A National Park Fishing Permit is required to fish in Kejimkujik. This is completely independent of a provincial fishing license. You can purchase either a daily permit ($9.80) or a seasonal permit ($34.30).

Fishing Permits - Spring 2015

Fishing season in Kejimkujik opens April 1, 2015.

Kejimkujik fishing permits will be available at the Visitor Centre as of May 15.
Until then, permits will be available at the following locations:
- Mary Lake Home Hardware (Caledonia)
- Milford House (Milford)
- Lequille Country Store (Lequille, near Annapolis Royal)
- Woods Wise Outfitters (Oakhill, near Bridgewater)
- Veinotte’s Hearth, Home and Leisure (Logan Road in Bridgewater)
- Stew’s Corner Convenience & Gas (Greenfield)
- AFN Entertainment (Greenfield)
- Macpherson’s Deli (Liverpool)

Familiarize yourself with the regulations by reading Fish Management and Protection or asking for a copy at the Visitor Centre. This document outlines the fishing regulations and the ‘catch and release’ zones in the park.

In order to manage our trout, Kejimkujik’s Resource Conservation staff have studied the trout population and monitored what anglers catch with creel censuses. Tagging studies have shown that trout can travel widely within, and even outside, the park.