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This trail meanders along the Aspy fault, through an Acadian and mixed forest. As nature reclaims land once used for farming and logging, a regenerated forest begins to blend in with the old growth. The magnificent red oak and the hoots of the barred owl or great horned owl will appeal to the true nature enthusiast. Recent work on this trail has made several stream crossings easier, but waterproof hiking boots are recommended. 

Length: 9.6 km (6 mi) return
Elevation: 60 - 450 m (200 - 1,500 ft) 
Time: 3 - 4 hours
Significant Features: Acadian and mixed forest
Short climbs. Rugged sections.  Stream crossings.

Trailhead: At the parking lot for Beulach Ban Falls
GPS Co-ordinates for Trailhead (in decimal degrees):
Lat: 46.814041 Long: -60.626273

Map - Aspy 
Map - Aspy
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