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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Teaming Up For Salmon

This summer, the Northwest River Atlantic Salmon Conservation Group will be continuing with its community-based management strategy for Northwest River. In 2001, this partnership between local citizens, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Parks Canada, was formed. That year, counts were alarmingly low, with only 153 salmon making their way past the counting fence.

The Northwest River
The Northwest River
© Parks Canada, M. Rosen

Now, local anglers and community members, fisheries biologists, and river wardens are all working together to achieve a common goal – a healthy river for everyone to enjoy. The group has set up management targets to allow a growing number of spawning salmon up the river over the coming years. They have also been focusing on promoting river stewardship in the area and they believe that getting anglers out on the rivers is the best way to do it! It seems like their plan is working. Salmon have been coming back to the Northwest River. In fact, in 2005 over 1500 salmon made their way past the counting fence!