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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Buckley Cove Trail

Length - 7 km return
Time - 2 ¾ hours return

Map of Green Buckley Cove Trail
Map of Buckley Cove Trail
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Description : After winding its way through the forest and along the coast, this trail ends at Buckley Cove. Surrounded by grassy fields, the cove is ideal for exploring. Watch for greater yellowlegs feeding in the barachois along the way.

Wildlife/Plant Life : Barachois, view of Mt. Stamford, shorebirds, orchids, old man's beard, lynx

Access: The Visitor Information Marine Centre parking lot at Salton's Brook

Condition: Boardwalk over several wet areas help make the hike more enjoyable. Due to several wet spots waterproof footwear is recommended.