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Gros Morne National Park of Canada

Hiker on the Tablelands
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Discovering Gros Morne National Park

Welcome to a landscape like no other! With its towering cliffs, dramatic fjord valleys, glacial lakes, sandy beaches, and highland plateaus, the landscape of Gros Morne National Park ranks among some of the most spectacular and diverse in Canada. Gros Morne is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site! That’s because the park’s landscape has also played a role in proving one of the most important scientific theories of our day: plate tectonics. Rocks here explain how the continents got their shape, how oceans open and close, why volcanoes erupt, and why earthquakes shake our planet. Hiking trails, boat tours, and exciting park activities allow you to experience Gros Morne’s special features. Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse, the Broom Point Fishing Exhibit, and the Discovery Centre are great locations to explore the best of our nature and our culture.

From late June to September, Park interpreters offer fun, informative programs about the park’s wildlife, plants, geology, and history.

Interpretation Programs

Special Programs

Inquire at park facilities about upcoming programs and special events. 709-458-2417

Special Requests

If you are bringing a group to Gros Morne National Park and would like the services of an interpreter for a guided event, a talk, or a step-on guide, please contact us at least two weeks in advance at or call 709-458-2417.

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