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Fundy National Park of Canada

View of stage from top of stands at the Rising Tide Festival
Beautiful setting of the Rising Tide Festival near MacLaren pond in Fundy National Park
© Parks Canada / Photo by B. Townsend

Rising Tide Festival 2014

A little girl is having fun at the Rising Tide Festival You'll smile, sing and dance at the Rising Tide Festival in Fundy National Park!
© Parks Canada / M. Jefferson

On August 23 and 24, 2014 Fundy National Park will resonate to the sounds of the fifth edition of the Rising Tide Festival. Musicians from all around the Maritimes, inspired by this beautiful area will join together to regale audiences at this outdoor concert. There will also be a Hand Made Village presenting original artwork from New Brunswick artists and face painting for the children!

Come for a day, stay for the weekend!

Saturday, August 23

Keith Mulins’ Children Drumming Workshop (10:00 am – noon)
Details to come

Jim Blewett and the Swing Cats (1:30 pm – 2:20 pm)
Jim Blewett and the Swing Cats are four dudes that love swing and European gypsy music. Mick McNeely is thumping his stand-up bass, Phil Lucy ripping on different saxophones, Jesse Mea is a totally wicked accordion player and Jim Blewett is beating on his gypsy guitar. Guaranteed to move your bum and make you grin from ear to ear.

Dave Gunning (2:40 pm – 3:30 pm)
Writing from a sonic menu that includes flavours of Irish, Scottish, folk and country musical styles, Dave transcends genre with songs that fill your senses and touch your soul. Defining our lives, baring our souls, telling what it’s like on the East Coast these days, or for people from the East Coast – Gunning is speaking for them, telling their tales. Dave recently received the 2014 ECMA for Solo Recording of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.

Cordes-à-vent (3:50 – 4:40 pm)
With Irish, Acadian, Scottish and Quebec influences, this Acadian trio has been entertaining crowds from festival to festival. Their synergy makes the walls vibrate everywhere they perform. The trio is made up of Mélissa Gallant (fiddle, voice, foot taping), Mario LeBreton (voice, guitar, harmonica), Philippe LeBlanc (flutes, voice, percussions).

Old Man Luedecke (5:00 pm – 5:50 pm)
Based in Chester, Nova Scotia, the roots singer-songwriter Old Man Luedecke is an artist honing his cunning lyrical flair – tenderly pushing the boundaries of his storytelling with his unique mix of folk, bluegrass and pop hooks. Rich in metaphor, heart and instrumentation, his latest album, Tender Is the Night muses on love, art and purpose. It has earned him the 2014 ECMA Album of the Year and Folk Recording of the Year.

Carmen Townsend (6:10 pm – 7:00 pm)
Cape Breton’s rock singer-songwriter Carmen Townsend is a 4 time Music Nova Scotia Award winning artist and ECMA Rising Star Recording of the Year in 2012. You can call her music many things, but reserved isn’t one of them. As polite as she may be in person, within Townsend lives a voice much louder than she lets on in conversation. It’s one that manifests itself on stage through her raucous live sets, full of intensity.

Singer Song Writer Circle (7:30 pm – 9:00 pm)
The singer-songwriters’ circle will bring together Brent Mason, Dave Gunning, Marie-Jo Thério and Keith Mullins. They will share stories and songs in this intimate event. The event will be held at the Molly Kool Centre. The seating capacity is limited to 60.

Sunday, August 24

Brent Mason Band (2:30 pm – 3:20 pm)
Brent Mason is one of the most prolific and literate songwriters in Atlantic Canada. His body of work has earned him accolades at both the provincial and regional level; his latest album Old New Borrowed Blue took home the award for Best Roots album at the 2012 Music New Brunswick Awards, and Mason earned a 2007 Stompin’ Tom Award from the East Coast Music Association. He has also caught the ears of a global audience in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China.

Marie-Jo Thério (3:40 pm – 4:30 pm)
If the road taken by Marie-Jo Thério, Acadian from New Brunswick, seems difficult to follow for some, this is what makes her unique character and strength. She has an insatiable taste for adventure. A free spirit, a gypsy at heart, Marie-Jo Thério has a mysterious voice that makes your heart leap and a presence that pierces. She has seen many places and along the way has collected fragrances that fill her so beautiful music.

The Modern Grass (4:50 pm – 5:40 pm)
The Modern Grass latest album, City Ghosts, is a reminder of the group's dynamic nature and uncanny ability to navigate space, time and a plethora of musical genres, uninterrupted. Hard driving bluegrass flows into tender ballads, groovy blues, and dramatic instrumentals. Accompanied by earnest social commentary, introspective songs of love and loss, and raw poetry; City Ghosts is modern and nostalgic, refined yet organic, chaotic but soothing.

Ron Hynes (6:00 pm – 6:50 pm)
With a song writing career that spans more than 30 years, Ron Hynes is frequently referred to as the “man of a thousand songs”. “He’s the man of a treasure chest full of gems – timeless, brilliant, classic works of art that celebrate simple everyday events in the lives of common men.” – Frank Davies, Canadian Songwriter Hall of Fame

Paper Lions (7:10 pm – 8:00 pm)
Paper Lions are an indie rock band from Belfast, PEI whose music shines with sunny melodies and tales of lost youth. Equally influenced by the clear-voiced harmonies of the Beach Boys and the clanging guitars of modern rock, at the heart of the band are long-standing friendships and vibrant pop songs. Their new album, My Friends, is based on themes of adolescence and youth but marks maturation in the band’s writing.