Fundy National Park of Canada

A man seen walking on East Branch trail
This loop trail is a true voyage into Fundy’s Acadian forest.
© Parks Canada / M. Smith

East Branch Trail

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Distance: 5.6 km loop
Time: 2 - 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Habitat: Forest

On this trail, you may find artifacts remaining from the region's logging past. Although more than 5 km long, it is easy walking on flat terrain. The old logging road is a wider section of the trail open to mountain biking.

Highlights Throughout the Year

  • In summer the lovely Black-throated blue warbler calls East Branch home. Listen for its distinctive call – zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zee.
  • This trail is particularly beautiful in the fall. The mix of deciduous and coniferous trees renders the colour palette varied and bright.
  • Tall red spruce first attracted lumbermen to Fundy in the early 1800s. As it reaches the stream, this trail visits the disappearing remains of that era – the flush dam and log yard.
  • Explore this trail again in winter – on your snowshoes!

Be Prepared!

  • Know your physical limits.
  • A sweather and a windbreaker are good for insurance against variable weather.
  • We recommend footwear with good tractiona nd support, such as running shoes or lightweight boots.
  • Plan your roue and stick to it. If you leave the trail, you may get lost.
  • Tell someone your plan and estimated time of return.
  • Bring water and food for longer hikes.
  • Leave no trace! Please carry out all garbage, yours and any you may find on the trail.

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