Bear Sightings: August 11-17, 2017

Park Trail - Day-use area - Campground Species Date
Banff Spray River Black Bear Aug/17
Kootenay Tumbling Pass Grizzly Bear Aug/16
Banff Mosquito Creek Hostel Grizzly Bear Aug/16
Banff Lake Louise Drive Black Bear Aug/16
Kootenay Olive Lake Picnic Site Grizzly Bear Aug/15
Banff Two Jack Main Campground Unknown species Aug/14
Banff Moraine Lake Rockpile Viewpoint Black Bear Aug/14
Kootenay Numa Falls Grizzly Bear Aug/14
Banff Moraine Lake Road Black Bear Aug/13
Banff Lake Minnewanka Shoreline Trail Black Bear Aug/13
Banff Lake Minnewanka Trail - Stewart Canyon Black Bear Aug/13
Yoho TCH - Yoho - Takakkaw Falls/Yoho Road Jct Black Bear Aug/13
Banff 93 North - Herbert Lake Black Bear Aug/12
Yoho Kicking Horse Campground Black Bear Aug/12
Banff Minnewanka Road - Lower Bankhead Black Bear Aug/10
Banff Hoodoo Creek Trail Black Bear Aug/10

Current wildlife warnings and closures

Banff National Park

AREA CLOSURE - Ball Pass Campground Re21
AREA CLOSURE - Ball Pass Trail Area
RESTRICTED ACTIVITY: Allenby Pass - Seasonal trail restriction
WARNING: Berry Season
RESTRICTION: Minnewanka Area Seasonal Trail Restrictions 
WARNING: Lake Minnewanka Day Use Area
WARNING: Two Jack Lakeside Campground and Day Use Area and Two Jack Main Campground

Yoho National Park

Bear Warning: Lake O`Hara area
WARNING: Berry Season
RESTRICTION: Remote motion-activated trail cameras: research permit required
AREA CLOSURE: Odaray Prospect and Odaray Plateau

Kootenay National Park 

WARNING: Berry Season
RESTRICTION: Remote motion-activated trail cameras: research permit required
RESTRICTION: Sinclair Creek – Kindersley Pass Trail, minimum group size of four people

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How do I use bear spray?


If you SEE a bear 

  • Stop and remain calm. Get ready to use your bear spray. Do not run away.

Is the bear UNAWARE of your presence?

  •  Move away quietly without getting its attention.

Is the bear AWARE of your presence?

Bears may bluff their way out of an encounter by charging and then turning away at the last second. Bears may also react defensively by woofing, growling, snapping their jaws and laying their ears back.

  • Stay calm. Your calm behaviour can reassure the bear. Screams or sudden movements may trigger an attack.
  • Speak to the bear. Talk calmly and firmly. This lets the bear know you are human and not a prey animal. If a bear rears on its hind legs and waves its nose about, it is trying to identify you.
  • Back away slowly. Never run! Running may trigger a pursuit.
  • Make yourself appear BIG. Pick up small children and stay in a group.
  • Do not drop your pack. It can provide protection.
  • If you must proceed, make a wide detour around a bear or wait at a safe distance for it to move on.


Bear 134
Photo: A. Taylor / Parks Canada