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Riding Mountain National Park

Clear Lake Map

Clear Lake Map © Parks Canada



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Lake Friendly

RMNP - Clear Lake Map

The Lake Friendly Logo identifies products that protect and improve water quality.

Thousands of products that we use everyday are flushed or rinsed down the drain and eventually end up in our lakes, rivers and streams impacting water quality

The Lake Friendly logo identifies products that are independently tested and certified under Environment Canada’s EcoLogoTM. Lake Friendly products are the best choice for our lakes, rivers and streams.

  • Have you seen these symbols around Wasagaming?
  • Storm water from the Townsite ends up in Clear Lake.
  • Please consider this when you choose lawn care products and wash your vehicles and boats
  • Hazardous products should be disposed of safely, not poured down the drain

Aquatic Invasive Species

    RMNP - Clear Lake Map
  • Help protect Manitoba’s waters – Stop Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
  • AIS threaten aquatic habitats, fisheries and valuable recreational resources
    • CLEAN and inspect watercraft, trailer and gear. Remove all plants, animals and mud. Rinse using high pressure, hot tap water 50˚C (120˚F)
    • DRAIN all water from watercraft including the motor, livewell, bilge and bait buckets away from lakes, rivers and streams
    • DRY watercraft for at least 5 days in the hot sun (if rinsing is not available)
    • DISPOSE of unwanted live bait and worms in the trash, and dump bait bucket water on land. Never release aquarium pets, plants or water into our lakes, rivers or wetlands
  • Prevention is our best defence. To report a sighting, or to learn more, call: 1-87-STOP AIS-O (1-877-867-2470), or visit

Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation

Treaty 2 - The Riding Mountain Band

RMNP - Clear Lake Map

The Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation (KOFN) and Riding Mountain National Park of Canada (RMNPC) have started discussions to build an agreement to work together on the protection and use of Clear Lake. An important aspect of this process is to establish an agreement that is interest based and cooperative in nature. KOFN’s historic tie to the Riding Mountain and the fact it has land on and utilizes Clear Lake points to the importance of working together to “Keep the ‘Clear’ in Clear Lake.”

It is also the desire of both KOFN and RMNPC to communicate the results of these discussions once an agreement has been established and accepted by both parties. The overall vision is to establish a long term relationship where each party has a positive role to play in the stewardship of the places we treasure.

Fishing in Park waters...

  • Catch and release angling is encouraged but you are allowed to keep your catch. Please check with Visitor Centre or Park Wardens for catch limits and other helpful information from the National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations. You can also call 204-848-7275.
  • Reminder: You may only use barbless hooks and lead-free tackle in Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP)
  • RMNP fishing permit required - provincial fishing licenses are not valid in national park waters




Boating Etiquette / Safety / Emissions / Markers 

Many types of watercraft share the lake. Here are some key points of “boating etiquette”

  • Watch your wake – disrupting other boaters and swimmers with waves left by a passing vessel is inappropriate and dangerous
  • Keep a watch for paddlers on the lake – even in relatively calm water, they can be hard to see
  • While underway, power boats must give way to all unpowered craft on the water whether they are sailboats, canoes, kayaks, or anchored craft
  • Become familiar with all the markers on Clear Lake – No Wake Zone, shoal markers, swim lines, research buoys & SCUBA lines
  • Refer to Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide for full details about marine safety




Did you know?

RMNP - Clear Lake Map

At its deepest point, Clear Lake is 34m deep

Clear Lake has 29 km of shoreline, 80 percent of which is undeveloped

You can help too:

Clear Lake is mainly groundwater fed. This adds minerals like calcite to the lake’s water and gives it its distinctive aqua colour. Calcite binds with phosphorus to inhibit the growth of algae, and helps to keep the “clear” in Clear Lake.



Contact Info

RMNP - Clear Lake Map
Friends of Riding Mountain National Park
Learning Centre at 154 Columbine
Riding Mountain National Park
Visitor Centre
Emergency Contacts
Wardens 1-877-852-3100
RCMP – Dial 911


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