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Riding Mountain National Park

Government of Canada Funding Addresses 2011 Flood Damage at Riding Mountain National Park

Special Funding Supports Repairs to Infrastructure and Roadways

Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, May 22, 2012 – On behalf of the Honourable Peter Kent, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, Mr. Robert Sopuck, Member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River – Marquette, today announced special funding to help repair some of the damage done by the devastating flood in 2011 in Riding Mountain National Park.

MP Robert Sopuck Flood Funding Announcement MP Robert Sopuck Flood Funding Announcement
© Parks Canada

“Even at its elevation, Riding Mountain National Park was not immune to flooding in 2011 and experienced the worst flooding it has seen in over 35 years,” said Mr. Sopuck. “Thanks to this funding, we will be able to restore some of the infrastructure damaged by the devastating flooding and improve safety and enhance the visitor experience.”

Flooding on Highway #19 Flooding on Highway #19
© Parks Canada

The Government of Canada has committed a total of $5.7 million in flood funding to assist in repairing damaged infrastructure throughout the park. Approximately $1.4 million was designated for the 2011/2012 operating year and has been spent addressing numerous infrastructures damages due to the flood. An additional $4.3 million has been provided in 2012/2013 for a number of projects throughout the Park.

Sliding at Km 49 Sliding at Km 49
© Parks Canada

Included in this work will be the realignment of Km 49 on Highway #10 running through the park. This section of highway experienced severe erosion and cracking, which caused a 200 metre section of pavement to drop by almost 350 millimetres (13.5 inches). With the geotechnical investigations complete, the engineering and design are currently underway and construction is expected to begin this summer.

“Continued improvement of national park infrastructure is vital for both the safety and enjoyment of our visitors,” said Minister Kent. “Riding Mountain National Park is a sterling example of this Government’s continued commitment to provide visitors an opportunity to explore and discover the cultural, historical, and ecological diversity of this incredible national park.”

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For more information on Highway #10 construction and the realignment of Km 49 in Riding Mountain National Park, please visit