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Riding Mountain National Park

Escarpment of Riding Mountain Area Strategy

Escarpment Area Strategy
This area is a fascinating place for visitors and a premier Manitoba landscape.
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Spectacular vistas, challenging terrain, rich heritage, and diverse vegetation and wildlife, make the Escarpment of Riding Mountain a fascinating place for visitors and potentially one of Manitoba’s premier attractions.

To help this area reach its full potential the Escarpment of Riding Mountain Area Strategy was developed. The strategy’s goal is to ensure visitors have genuine opportunities to discover, experience, and learn about the area while protecting it for future generations. By working towards its vision, objectives and actions, Parks Canada hopes visitors, stakeholders and our neighbouring communities are further inspired about the park and region.

In the last three years Parks Canada worked with an Advisory Board, experts, plus community leaders and members to develop the strategy. Parks Canada appreciates their insightful guidance, knowledge and commitment and wants to continue to work together so this Area Strategy evolves and comes to life.

Would you like a copy of the strategy? Contact us or call Roger Schroeder, External Relations Manager, or 204-848-7251.

pdf-icon Escarpment of Riding Mountain Area Strategy (PDF, 1.7 MB)

News Release: Communities Working Together to Improve Visitor Experiences : Opening of Reeve’s Ravine Trail and the Escarpment of Riding Mountain Area Strategy Open House “Celebrate the Escarpment of Riding Mountain Event”

"We can’t do it all by ourselves... nor can our partners. By working together we all can win. What we do is for Canadians - with Canadians - and defined by Canadians. By building and maintaining strong partnerships, the park can create new and expanded opportunities that will enhance its ability to provide quality visitor experiences, effectively engage and connect with others,and ensure the park is protected." 
- Parks Canada


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