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Transcript for Sea to Peak

In Haida it is said...everything depends on everything else. Ancient wisdom has always taught the importance of nature's interdependant ways. - from "Yakoun: River of Life", published by the Council of the Haida Nation

Sea to Peak

The video starts on a shore and shows a canoe.

There are shots of the water and sky from the ground and from an airplane.

There are underwater shots which include seaweed, coral, starfish, jellyfish and a person swimming and collecting shells.

The person is running through the woods.

The person is running near houses in the woods.

Close up of a bug.

View from the top of a waterfall of the person drinking water from a stream with his hands.

The person is running up a mountain.

The person stops to pick up a rock and compares it to his shell.

He stops on the mountain and sits down.

In 1985, the Haida Nation led a protest against the continued logging of what is now Gwaii Haanas.

For months, they stood the "Line at Lyell," based from of the cabins at Sedgwick Bay. They succeeded in protecting the "Islands of Beauty"

From sea to peak, Gwaii Haanas is now cooperatively managed by the Council of the Haida Nation and the Government of Canada

A film by Joseph Crawford

Music by Eric Boucher's Rainbow Porch

Haida Artwork courtesy Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay

A special thanks to: Ricardo Toledo, Vaden Somers, Robin Pozer

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