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Bear Relocation Operation

Bear Relocation Operation Bear Relocation Operation
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Bears can lose their fear of humans when they are attracted to inappropriate food sources such as coolers, bird feeders, barbecues, pet food, garbage and recycling. People don’t really like it when bears come rummaging around their property so to prevent human-bear conflicts, resource conservation staff urge the securement of all wildlife attractants in order to deter unwanted visits.

If that fails, sometimes relocation of the bear is attempted. Relocation isn’t always successful and often the animal returns despite the best efforts of resource conservation staff. Unfortunately, when a bear keeps coming back to these easy food sources and continues to come into conflict with humans, it is the bear who loses and often pays for our mistakes with its life. No one wants to be responsible for the death of one of these amazing creatures so please secure all wildlife attractants on your property safely and responsibly. Prevention is the preferred option for bears and for humans.

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