For cabin reservations or information call 1-204-848-7275.

Located on the Ochre River Trail 14.4km from the Southern trailhead, this rustic cabin offers basic amenities including a wood stove, sleeping loft, table and benches, and outhouse. If you're looking for a hardy workout to a rugged accommodation, Cairns Cabin may be the destination for you.

Cairns cabin

Cairns Cabin is available during the winter months only.

  • Minimum 3 people/maximum 12 people
  • Woodstove, armchairs, table and bench
  • Sleeping platform (no bedding/mattresses provided)
  • Outdoor fire pit  
  • Outdoor toilet 
  • Access to stream (no drinking water on-site) 
  • Please note: A strenuous ski is required to access cabin. Entry is mostly downhill and departure is mostly uphill. 
  • Fee information