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Riding Mountain National Park

Public Notice

Superintendent's Order

Pursuant to the National Parks Camping Regulations, which state:

13. The superintendent may, at any time and for such period as she deems necessary for the management and control of a public campground, prohibit

(d) any action in the campground that unreasonably interferes with fauna or the natural beauty of the Park;


14. The superintendent may

(g) at any time enter any campsite for the inspection thereof;

The following prohibitions and restrictions apply for the protection and management of the campgrounds in Riding Mountain National Park of Canada:

1. Park users must not leave any items which could attract bears or other wildlife unattended at their campsites. This includes food, dirty dishes and coolers.

2. Parks Canada staff and security officers may enter any campsite to inspect for items left unattended that could attract wildlife.

3. These unattended items may be removed from a campsite and stored at an appropriate facility.

4. A notice will be left at the campsite indicating how to retrieve any removed items.

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