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Riding Mountain National Park

Public Notice

Restricted Activities Order

Pursuant to subsection 7(1) and section 21 of the National Parks General Regulations, which are stated as follows:

7(1). The superintendent may, where it is necessary for the proper management of the Park to do so, designate certain activities, uses or entry and travel in areas in a Park as restricted or prohibited.

21. The use on a watercourse of any type of motorized watercraft, water-skiing equipment or sub-surface diving equipment is prohibited except as permitted by a sign or notice placed, posted or erected by the superintendent at or near the watercourse.

Pursuant to section 21 of the National Parks General Regulations motorized watercraft, water-skiing equipment or sub-surface diving equipment is permitted on the waters of Clear Lake, Lake Audy and Moon in Riding Mountain National Park of Canada with the exception of the following restrictions and prohibitions pursuant to section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations:

1. Mandatory Vessel Inspections for Aquatic Invasive Species and Inspection Permit

All watercraft that enter Park waters must undergo a mandatory inspection for aquatic invasive species by Parks Canada watercraft inspectors. All watercraft operators must possess a valid inspection permit. All watercraft and watercraft trailers must display inspection stickers or vehicle permit as prescribed on the inspection permit.

2. Outboard Marine Motors are permitted on Clear Lake, Moon Lake & Lake Audy

Any marine outboard motor used on any water body in the Park where motorized vessels are permitted must be either a 4-stroke or a direct fuel injected 2-stroke engine. The use of all other internal combustion marine outboard motors is PROHIBITED on all park waters.

3. Operation of Watercraft in Area Designated for Diving

Operation of a watercraft in the waters off Glen Beag Day-use area in the east end of Clear Lake designated for scuba diving is PROHIBITED. This area will be clearly defined by dive markers.

4. Overnighting on Park Waters

Overnighting in or on a watercraft is PROHIBITED on all waters in the Park. Mooring (fastening, tying or securing by any means) a watercraft overnight to docks, beaches, or a wharf without a permit is PROHIBITED on all waters in the Park.

5. No Wake Zone on Clear Lake

Operators of watercraft on all Park waters that allow motorised boats must proceed at a speed that does not produce wave action (maximum speed of 10 km/h) in the designated no wake zone which is 30 metres from the shoreline anywhere on the lake.

6. Personal Watercraft (PWC) on Park Waters

The use of personal watercraft is PROHIBITED on all waters in the Park.

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