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Yoho National Park

Management Plan 2010-2015

Yoho Management Plan 2010

Yoho National Park Management Plan 2010-2015 (PDF, 2 MB)
Highlights of the Management Plan (PDF, 500 KB)

The 2010 management plan replaces the 2000 version, and providesa road map for how Parks Canada will deliver its integrated mandate of protection, experience and education in Yoho National Park for the next 10-15 years.

Note: The Field Community Plan (2011) and Community Report (2006) are available here.

Implementation Report 2012-2013

Implementation Report 2012-2013 (PDF, 7.4 MB)

This report summarizes many of the important accomplishments from the past year and a half in Yoho National Park, from spring 2012 to fall 2013. The report is intended to provide local residents and others with an interest in Yoho National Park, with an overview of how Parks Canada is achieving the goals and objectives set out in the management plan. It is also an opportunity for Canadians to provide feedback to Parks Canada on the park management priorities, and the progress that is being made in achieving them.

Year in Review 2011

Year in Review 2011 (PDF, 33 KB)
Priorities and Achievements 2011 (PDF, 285 KB)

Each year Parks Canada prepares a report to outline progress on implementing the Yoho National Park Management Plan. In June 2010 a new management plan was approved by the Minister of the Environment and tabled in Parliament. The new plan includes two primary accountability tools for assessing progress: performance measures; and a list of priority actions for 2010-2015. This report marks the end of the first year of the five-year management planning cycle.

Public Input 2010

Public Input into the Management Plan 2010 (PDF, 467 KB) 

Public interest in the management plan review was strong, coming from across the country and across the world. By the end of the two-stage program comments from dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals had been read and considered by the planning team. This feedback led to a final plan that allows each park to fulfil its potential within Canada’s system of protected areas, and continue to be a place where generations of Canadians can connect with each other and with the landscape.

State of the Park Report 2008

State of the Park Report 2008 (PDF, 797 KB)

The Yoho National Park State of the Park Report (2008) is the Parks Canada Agency's first effort to comprehensively evaluate of the state of the three key elements of Parks Canada's mandate: resource protection; visitor experience; and public education. The primary purposes of the report are to:

  • provide an analysis of the state of the park regarding ecological integrity and cultural resources, visitor experience and public education;
  • report on the results of management actions in respect to reource protection, visitor experience, and public education;
  • provide key input to park management planning and serve as a tool for decsion-making with respect to issues associated with each of the mandate elements and their relations; and
  • communciate the state of the mandate elements to stakeholders and the public.

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