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Yoho National Park of Canada

Burgess Shale - Discover 505 million year old fossils
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Comments from Visitors

Calgary, AB

One on one with a heritage interpreter © Parks Canada Examining fossils at a fossil bed
© Parks Canada

Parks Canada, I just wanted to write a quick note about our guided tour to the Burgess Shale near Field, BC last Sunday. It was an absolutely amazing experience and very well presented by our guide Omar! On the way up the trail, Omar took the time to explain our surroundings such as different plants and animals which was very interesting. Once at the Shale, we were provided solid and educational information on this amazing cultural site!! Omar was very well versed in all biological, geographical and historical aspects of the hike while remaining very humble! We never felt rushed even though the hike was quite challenging. Keep up the great work Omar!

Canmore, AB

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for guiding us on our hike to the Burgess Shale / Walcott Quarry in September. It was a wonderful hike, no small feat given the length of the hike and the complex subject matter. We were all impressed with your group management and interpretive skills. Well done!

Seattle, WA

We hiked with Claudia to the Mt. Stephen Burgess Shale field. She was fabulous as a guide, as a teacher and as a person....Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Calgary, AB  

Guided hike with a heritage interpreter © Parks Canada A heritage interpreter tells the story of the Burgess Shale
© Parks Canada

Last Friday, my grandson, son-in-law, and I took the guided hike to the Mt. Stephen trilobite beds. All of us enjoyed the trip thoroughly. We were delighted to be able to see this Canadian treasure, and appreciated the fact that Canada Parks [sic] offered the opportunity for Canadians to experience such a wonder.

Also, I must say that our guide, Claudia, certainly made it a more meaningful trip. Her knowledge of the specimens and the significance of the find added immensely to the entire day. She had a wonderful ability to make the information analogous to things meaningful to all of us non-paleontologists. I taught for thirty years at the University of Calgary and know something about how important it is to relate your material to the audience. And she set a pace for the entire group.

Again, the three of us certainly enjoyed the experience and hope that Parks Canada will continue to offer these hikes. We are already looking forward to going into the Walcott Quarry next summer.  


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The Burgess Shale - Discover 505 Million Year Old Fossils
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