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Yoho National Park of Canada

Burgess Shale - Discover 505 million year old fossils
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Virtual Museum of Canada

Virtual Museum of Canada - Burgess Shale Exhibit
Screenshot from the Burgess Shale exhibit in the Virtual Museum of Canada
© Parks Canada / Royal Ontario Museum

This visually stunning online exhibition explores the history and science of the Burgess Shale. Of particular interest is the comprehensive fossil gallery and an animated tour of the Cambrian seas that once occupied what is now Yoho National Park. A must-see for anyone interested in seeing what life on earth may have been like more than half a billion years ago, and an excellent primer for those who wish to visit the Burgess Shale in person.

The Virtual Museum of Canada's Burgess Shale exhibit was created by Parks Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum.  


The Burgess Shale - Learn
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The Burgess Shale - Discover 505 Million Year Old Fossils
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