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Yoho National Park

Mountain Parks: A Cycling Experience

Breathtaking scenery right from your saddle

Yoho National Park  © Parks Canada
 Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) in Yoho National Park © Parks Canada

Deep valleys and jagged mountain peaks. Windswept prairies and dense old-growth forests. Still lakes and fast-moving rivers and streams. An astonishing assortment of rare birds, exotic plants and wild animals can be seen… all from the saddle of your bike.

Whether you’re a casual rider or a technical expert, cycling offers a special way to experience the diversity of Canada’s mountain parks.

Enjoy an expanding variety of well-marked trails and roads for all skill levels. Appreciate both natural wonders and historic sites more profoundly through an increasing number of interpretive signs. Benefit from a growing community of local enthusiasts and bike shops to help you make the most of your experience.

There’s never been a better time to pedal in the mountain parks.

Cycling in Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park has turned old fire roads into safe rides for mountain bikers. Families enjoy both the flat and winding Kicking Horse Trail and the much longer Old 1A Highway; a paved road leading to the Great Divide. Road riders may enjoy the journey to Takkakaw Falls, one of the largest and most accessible waterfalls in the Rockies.

Mountain Biking 

  • Tally Ho Trail (from Hwy 1 to Emerald Lake Road) 3.0 km 
  • Kicking Horse Trail (from Natural Bridge to Otterhead River) 6.3 km 
  • Ross Lake Trail (from Lake O’Hara parking lot, to Ross Lake Junction and on to Lake Louise) 8.3 km 
  • Otterhead Trail (from Natural Bridge to Tocher Ridge junction) 14.3 km 
  • Ottertail Valley Trail (from Hwy 1 to McArthur Creek Warden Cabin) 15.1 km 
  • Ice River Trail (from Hoodoo Creek Campground to Lower Ice River Warden Cabin) 17.5 km 
  • Amiskwi Trail (from Natural Bridge to Otto Creek) 18.8 km 
  • Biking on the Lake O'Hara Fire Road is prohibited.

Road Cycling 

  • Great Divide / Old 1A Hwy (from Lake O’Hara parking lot to the Great Divide) 3.0 km 
  • Great Divide / Old 1A Hwy (from Lake O’Hara parking lot to Lake Louise Drive) 10.5 km
  • Yoho Valley Road (from Hwy 1 to Takkakaw Falls) 7.0 km 
  • Emerald Lake Road (from Natural Bridge to Emerald Lake) 7.0 km 

* All distances are one-way.

Please ride with care, bike bear-aware, and give right of way to hikers and horse parties. Check the Backcountry Guide to Yoho National Park, for a map and specific details.

More Information

Breathtaking scenery right from your saddle
© Parks Canada / Jocelyn Nadeau

For more information on cycling in Canada’s mountain parks, contact the parks directly by using the information and links below:

Banff National Park
Telephone: 403-762-1550 (Mountain Time)

Lake Louise Visitor Centre
Telephone: 403-522-3833 (Mountain Time)

Jasper National Park
Telephone: 780-852-6176 (Mountain Time)

Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park
Telephone: 250-837-7500 (Pacific Time)

Kootenay National Park
Telephone: 250.347.9505 (Mountain Time)

Waterton Lakes National Park
Telephone: 403-859-5133 (Mountain Time)

Yoho National Park
Telephone: 250-343-6783 (Mountain Time)