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Yoho National Park


A hiker looks down on the Lake O'Hara area
© Parks Canada / Paul Zizka Photography 

On the western slopes of the Great Divide, Yoho National Park brings Canada’s alpine majesty within reach of casual visitors and seasoned backpackers alike. Unplug and spend time with family at one of four campgrounds, challenge yourself with an all day hike to a half-billion-year-old fossil bed, or immerse yourself in Canadian history by travelling through the mountain pass that linked the West to the rest of Canada.

Featured Activities

Connect with friends, family and nature. Red Chairs
Located near Takakkaw Falls and Yoho Lake, Yoho National Park’s Red Chairs are a great place to enjoy the view. Relax and listen to the sound of water as it thunders over one of Canada’s tallest waterfalls at Takakkaw Falls.
A car drives on Yoho Valley Road
Scenic Drives to Yoho’s Lakes, Waterfalls and Vistas
Motorists passing through Yoho on the Trans-Canada Highway are treated to awesome mountain views, but you’ll want to stay awhile to explore Yoho's short side-trips offering ample opportunities for picnicking and sightseeing.
A backpacker looks down at the valley below
Backpacking: Yoho is a backpackers paradise
With more than 400 kilometres of trails, Yoho is a backpacker’s paradise. Set out from Takakkaw Falls or Emerald Lake for Yoho's most scenic and popular destinations, or head west for unmaintained trails in the Amiskwi Valley or Ice River.
A fossil
Guided Hikes to the Burgess Shale Fossil Beds
Exercise body and mind alike with a guided all-day hike to one of the world’s most significant fossil discoveries. Knowledgeable guides will fill you in on 505 million years of earth's history as you traverse spectacular mountain geography.

Summer and Autumn

Awake to the sound of waterfalls and the smell of alpine air. Yoho is home to some of the finest hiking and backpacking in the Rockies. Bring your road bike for the side roads or see the world’s most significant fossils on a guided hike to the famous Burgess Shale.









Consult the Field, British Columbia Travel Guide for information about dining, accommodation and equipment rentals. Private licensed guides are available through the Interpretive Guides Association or the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

Winter and Spring

Glide among the snow-laden boughs and breathe cool, crisp winter air. Snowshoe on a frozen lake under watchful peaks and end the day sipping hot chocolate after an exceptional meal. Only thirty minutes from Lake Louise, Yoho National Park is magical in the winter.

Avalanche Safety: From November through June, please avoid the avalanche slide path clearly marked on the left bank of Emerald Lake. Do not walk, ski or snowshoe on or below this slide path.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited in Yoho National Park:

  • Hunting
  • Ice Fishing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Motorized off-road travelling
  • Hang-gliding or any heavier-than-air aircraft
  • Use of water-skiing equipment or personal watercraft (e.g. Sea-Doo, Jet Ski, etc.)
  • Collecting natural or cultural objects (eg. wildflowers, rocks, mushrooms, berries, arrowheads)