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Mount Revelstoke National Park of Canada

Avalanche Terrain Ratings

for backcountry touring in the Mountain National Parks

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Banff National Park

Balfour to Scott Duncan Huts
Ball Pass
Bath Glacier exit to Hwy 1
Bonnet Icefield
Bow Hut approach
Castle Mt. - to summit
Cirrus Mountain
Crowfoot Mt.
Dolomite Peak Circuit
Drummond Icefield
Hector Lake Wapta access
Mike Wynn Circuit
Mistaya Mt.
Mt. Baker
Mt. Balfour
Mt. Coleman
Mt. Fairview
Mt. Hector
Mt. Jimmy Junior
Mt. Jimmy Simpson
Mt. Niblock via Divide Creek
Mt. Patterson
Mt. Rhonda North
Mt. Wilson
Mystic Pass
Observation Peak (summit)
Oyster Lake
Pat Sheehan Traverse
Peyto Glacier approach
Plain of Six Glaciers trail
Ptarmigan Peak
Pumpkin Traverse
Surprise Pass
White Pyramid

Jasper National Park

Athabasca Glacier past first icefall
Diadem Creek
Mt. Columbia
Mt. Kitchener
North Twin
Snow Dome
South Twin
Stutfield Peak

Kootenay National Park

Chickadee Valley - above valley bottom
Stanley Glacier Valley
Storm Mt.
Tokumm Creek

Yoho National Park

Cathedral Mt.
Emerald Pass
Emerald Peak/Slide Path
Isolated Col
Little Yoho Valley approach
Mt. Collie
Mt. Des Poilus
Mt. Field
Mt. McArthur
Opabin/ Wenkchemna circuit
Popes Peak
President Pass
Schaefer Basin
Scheisser/Lomas route
Sherbrook Lake Wapta access
Yoho Traverse

Glacier National Park

8812 Bowl
Asulkan Hut/Tree Triangle
Asulkan Pass
Asulkan Valley Practice Slopes
Avalanche Crest Bowl and Slidepath
Balu Pass
Bonney Glacier
Bruins Pass
Dome Glacier
Glacier Circle
Grizzly /Little Sifton Traverse
Illecillewaet Practice Slopes
Illecillewaet Neve access
Lily Glacier
Lizards Tail
Lookout Col
McGill Bowl - McGill Pass
Mt. Rogers
Mt. Swanzy
Mt. Tupper Traverse
NRC Gullies
Perley Rock
Sapphire Col
Steps of Paradise – Youngs Pk
Terminal Peak
The Cone
The Mouse Trap
The Ravens
Ursus Major
Ursus Trees
Vaux Moraines/Sir Donald/Uto Col
Video Peak
Youngs Pk via Illecillewaet

Mt. Revelstoke National Park

Hamilton Creek Upper Meadows
Clachnacudain Creek
Clachnacudain Creek East Fork
Saint Syr Creek
Coursier Creek
Woolsey Glacier-Coursier Peak
Clachnacudain Glacier-Inverness Peaks
Mount Klotz above treeline
West Woolsey Creek
Maunder Creek

Waterton Lakes National Park

Rowe Lake
Lineham Lake

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