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Mount Revelstoke National Park


Mount Revelstoke National Park
Mount Revelstoke National Park, showing the Meadows in the Sky Parkway leading to the summit, hiking trails in yellow and the park boundary in black.
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Experience the range and variety of the Columbia Mountains Natural Region while exploring Mount Revelstoke National Park. Travel from valley bottom old-growth interior rainforest on the Giant Cedars Nature Trail, or lush wetland along the Skunk Cabbage Nature Trail, up the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway to the mountaintop experience of the summit of Mount Revelstoke. Winter is the dominant season and lingers on the summit until July or even August. During the brief summer, the mountaintop explodes into colour when its wildflower meadows bloom in mid-August. In winter, a profound silence envelopes the mountain as snow accumulates to depths of four or five metres and more.

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