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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Keep Carnivores Wild and Wary

Stay safe in wolf country!
Be prepared, not scared. Safety starts with you.
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We are not the only ones that like to roam the beautiful beaches of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Wolves and cougars also cruise this coastal corridor in search of food.

If wolves and cougars are kept wild and wary of humans, the risk to visitor safety is very low. To stay safe in carnivore country and care for these animals, follow these tips:

Top Ten Tips for Staying Safe in Wolf Country

  1. Scare away approaching predators. Do not run away. Use stones, sticks, rocks, loud noises, waving arms and aggressive yelling while maintaining eye contact.
  2. Keep dogs on leash and under control at all times.
  3. Create and maintain space. Give wildlife lots of room to avoid you, never crowd around them. Do not stop to take pictures.
  4. Never feed wildlife. Avoid food-conditioning by packing away all food and garbage.
  5. Prevent conflicts. Give all wild animals distance, not food. Avoid hiking alone. Keep children close.
  6. Be predator aware. Understand and watch for wildlife warning signs.
  7. Be informed and inform others of current information.
  8. Be prepared for an encounter. Carry deterrents such as noise makers, sticks, or bear spray, and know how to use them.
  9. Respect all wildlife and their right to be here.
  10. Report all wolf sightings to park staff at 250-726-7165.

To be prepared for the wild outdoors, visit the Living with Wildlife section for more information.