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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Dog Walking

Stroll Wickaninnish Beach with your dog on a leash
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What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with Fido beside you on one of the West Coast’s spectacular beaches? While dogs are not allowed in the Broken Group Islands and West Coast Trail, the sandy beaches and boardwalks in the Long Beach Unit are perfect for our beloved canine friends.

DID YOU KNOW? Pacific Rim is one of the few protected areas in Canada that still allows beach access for dogs. Pacific Rim accommodates up to 70,000 dog visits per year. We are counting on dog owners like you to take a few key steps to ensure this fun opportunity to share a beach with your dog continues.

When walking your dog on Long Beach, follow these simple rules:

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Dogs Off Leash at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

  • Keep your dog on leash at all times. A $58 fine will apply if you fail to comply.
  • Pick up after your dog and dispose of their waste in garbage bins.
  • Give wildlife lots of space.
  • Stay 25 metres (5 car lengths) away from shorebirds foraging or resting on the beach.
  • Be mindful that other visitors may be afraid of dogs. Do not let your dog approach other people without an invitation.