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Kootenay National Park

Park Regulations

In our National Parks, be sure to:

Give wildlife space

  • It is against the law to touch, entice, disturb or otherwise harass any wild animals – big or small.

Keep food away from wildlife

  • Feeding any park wildlife is prohibited. Always keep coolers stored in vehicles. Pick up litter and dispose of garbage in bearproof bins.

Put pets on a leash

  • Unrestrained pets may harass wildlife, provoke wildlife attacks and endanger people.

Leave it for others to enjoy

  • Whatever treasure you find – be it a rock, a flower, an antler or an historic artifact – it belongs where it is.

Obey closures

  • Areas may be temporarily closed for safety or environmental reasons. Closures are marked with signs and/or flagging tape.

Disarm firearms

  • Firearms must remain in your vehicle at all times, unloaded, and in a case or wrapped and securely tied so that no part of the firearm is exposed.

Help protect people and the park

  • Call 1-888-WARDENS if you see anyone violating park regulations.
  • Please report all bear, cougar, or wolf sightings, or aggressive behaviour by any wildlife to the nearest Park Warden Office or Information Centre.