Kootenay National Park

The Mountain National Parks Film and Photography Guidelines

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The Mountain National Parks include Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, Mount Revelstoke, Glacier and Waterton Lakes national parks. These parks boast unparalleled film, photographic and recreational possibilities which leave visitors feeling re-energized and inspired to return. To care for these amazing places and ensure visitors’ wishes are fulfilled, filming activities have special considerations.

What works well

  • Productions involving minimal equipment, crew size and impact on the environment and visitors;
  • Productions contributing to public awareness, appreciation and understanding of Canada’s national parks and Parks Canada;
  • Productions requesting off-season and/or weekday shooting dates.


Submit an application, a minimum of 10 days prior to intended film/photography activities. Applications are assessed against Canada's National Parks Act, national park regulations and contribution to awareness, appreciation and education of national parks. If approved, a Film/Photography permit is issued.

Note: Parks Canada imposes the right to refuse applications that are not in the best interest of the Agency or revoke permission if terms and conditions of the permit are violated.


Production Crew Size

Application Fee

Location Fee (per day)


$ 147.20

$ 490.60


$ 368.00

$ 981.30


$ 735.90

$ 1471.90


$ 2453.20

$ 1962.60

100 +

$ 2943.90

$ 2453.20

Park Regulations

Full compliance with the Canada National Parks Act and Park Regulations is required. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. No open firearms, use of firearms (includes discharging of blank ammunition or explosives), or hunting;
  2. No damaging, destruction or removal of natural or cultural resources;
  3. No feeding, enticing (e.g. baiting, calling), touching, harassing, or disturbing park wildlife;
  4. No littering or leaving food or garbage where wildlife can access it (all food and garbage must be stored or disposed of in bear-proof containers and/or packed out);
  5. No off-roading anywhere in the park; no ATVs, skidoos, or jet-boats; no boats with any kind of motor in park waters (except on Lake Minnewanka);
  6. All aerial filming must comply with Canadian Air Regulations ( Canadian Air Regulations);
  7. No fires outside of designated fire rings or stoves supplied at park campgrounds and day use areas (cigar/cigarette butts and matches are litter and must be fully extinguished and disposed of appropriately);
  8. No camping outside of designated campgrounds and campsites;
  9. No entering of closed areas.

Filming/Photography Permit Contacts

Email: film.banff@pc.gc.ca

Email: film.llyk@pc.gc.ca

Email: film.jasper@pc.gc.ca

Email: doreen.mcgillis@pc.gc.ca

Email: jacolyn.daniluck@pc.gc.ca