Kootenay National Park

What's New?

A new Burgess Shale fossil site has been unearthed in Kootenay

In a discovery described as "epic" a new Burgess Shale fossil site has been unearthed in Kootenay National Park. The discovery appears to be equally important as the world-renowned sites in neighbouring Yoho National Park. One day, it may even surpass them. Learn more about the Marble Canyon discovery from the Royal Ontario Museum.

February 11, 2014

Discover Parks Canada with Street View on Google Maps

Parks Canada and Google Canada are proud to jointly launch the first batch of Street View imagery collected this summer, showcasing nearly 50 Parks Canada locations to start. These panoramic images were published live in Google Maps, a platform visited by more than 2 billion people world-wide every month.

November 30, 2013

Highway 93 South Construction

Wildlife-vehicle collisions due to increasing traffic on the highway that bisects Kootenay National Park is endangering wildlife and travelers. A pilot project aimed at reducing these collisions, while keeping habitat connected, was constructed this summer in a priority area of the park. Wildlife Crossing Project.

September 27, 2013

Highway 93 South Construction

Parks Canada has begun construction of two wildlife underpasses and three kilometers of fenced highway in an area with the highest number of wildlife collisions on Highway 93 South in Kootenay National Park. The underpasses will be completed in September with the fencing installed this fall. Motorists can expect minor delays with alternating single lane traffic throughout the construction season. Wildlife Crossing Project

June 18, 2013