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Kootenay National Park


Children next to a fire pit in front of a tent
Young campers at Redstreak Campground © Parks Canada

Relax with the family and reconnect with nature at any of Kootenay National Park’s three campgrounds. All are within walking distance of gentle trails and natural attractions such as the historic Radium Hot Springs. 

Where to Camp

Demand is heaviest on long weekends and all weekends in July and August. Reservations are strongly recommended for Redstreak Campground.

# SitesFlush ToiletShowerSani DumpAccessFire Pits Interp Prog. ReserveFee
May 6 - October 10


X X X X $8.80 X X $27.40-$38.20
38 electricity
Redstreak oTENTiks
May 6 - October 10
10 X X        $8.80 X X $120.00
 Marble Canyon
June 24 - September 5
61 X
 McLead Meadows
June 24 - September 5
80 X  
X X $8.80  
Crook's Meadow
Group Camping*
Late June to early September






X $5.80 / person

* Minimum 20 people, maximum 60 people at Crook's Meadow Group Campground. Advanced reservations are required.
** All campers are required to adhere to the “Bare” Campsite program.


3-Way = Electricity, water and sewer
Showers = Hot showers are available
Sani Dump = Sewage Disposal 
Access = Disabled Access
Fire Pits = Fire pits suitable for cooking. Fire permits (including firewood) are available for purchase on site.
Interp Prog. = Interpretive Program
Reserve = Reservations Accepted


Map of Kootenay National Park © Parks Canada

Map of campgrounds and popular points of interest in
Kootenay National Park
© Parks Canada

Popular Points of Interest

  1. Redstreak Restoration Area
  2. Sinclair Canyon and the Redwall Fault
  3. Radium Hot Pools 
  4. Kootenay Valley Viewpoint
  5. Numa Falls (Closed for restoration work.)
  6. Paint Pots
  7. Marble Canyon
  8. The Continental Divide
  9. The Rockwall