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Travelling Via Your Own Boat

A small boat in Gwaii Haanas © Parks Canada / Chris Cheadle

Small Craft Harbours

Moorage for recreational and commercial vessels is available:

  • Queen Charlotte Harbour (250-559-4650)
  • Sandspit Harbour
  • Masset Harbour Authority (250-626-5487)

Facilities include pay phones, electrical hookups and fresh water. Sandspit Harbour has a holding tank, pump out station and showers.

Use-at-your-own-risk boat ramps also exist in several communities. Check locally for more information.

Moresby Camp Shelter
© Parks Canada / Linda Tollas

Boat Launch

The closest boat launch to Gwaii Haanas is at Moresby Camp in Cumshewa Inlet, Moresby Island. Moresby Camp is a recreational site with campsites, a shelter, and interpretive displays; it is accessible by rough logging road. Check with the visitor centres in Sandspit, Queen Charlotte for detailed instructions on times and procedures for travelling on active logging roads. Always drive with your headlights on.


  • There are no fuelling stations available in Gwaii Haanas. You must be self-sufficient.

  • Many areas in Gwaii Haanas pose a hazard to boaters and kayakers. Use extreme caution when travelling around exposed  headlands. There are often strong tidal currents, swells, and winds.

  • Watch the water depth carefully as you explore bays and heads of inlets, as many are shallow and rocky.

  • Unless you are a very experienced mariner and are familiar with these waters, avoid the west coast of Gwaii Haanas. It is exposed, not fully charted and contains few sheltered anchorages.