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The Route into Gwaii Haanas

Heading out on the water © Parks Canada / Neil Osborne

Gwaii Haanas can only be reached by sea or by air.

Travel the Inside Waters

Generally, small craft travel the inside waters of Carmichael Passage and Dana Passage from Moresby Camp to Gwaii Haanas; this route avoids the exposed waters between Cumshewa Head and Talunkwan Island.

Watch Tides and Currents

Louise Narrows has strong currents and shallow waters. Kayakers should plan to go with the tidal current. Other boaters must be certain their vessel will not run aground, transit at high waters and follow the markers. There is little room for error. Call on channel 16 or channel 6 before entering to ensure there is no opposing traffic. If in doubt avoid going through Louise Narrows.

Porter Head, on the Tangil Peninsula, is exposed to big seas, wind and currents - exercise caution.

Two Days By Kayak

Kayaks on the water © Parks Canada / Neil Osborne 

It takes about two days, weather permitting, to travel by kayak from Moresby Camp to the northern border of Gwaii Haanas at the Tangil Peninsula.

A popular alternative is kayak transportation by one of the licensed motorboat tour operators.