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Plan Your Visit

A sailboat in Gwaii Haanas
A Sailboat in Gwaii Haanas © Parks Canada / N. Osborne

A Wild Place

There are only two ways to reach the wonders of Gwaii Haanas: by sea or by sky. No roads lead to the natural and cultural treasures of this remote part of the Haida homeland.

Travel by kayak, floatplane, sailboat or motorized vessel. Choose a licensed tour operator or travel independently. It's your choice!

For trip planning advice call: 1-877-559-8818.

Guided Tours

Licensed tour operators offer many types and lengths of organized trips, from guided kayaking adventures and luxurious sailboat excursions to faster trips by powerboat. Check the list of tour operators for more information.

Independent Travelers

Planning a route © Parks Canada

An intimate experience with land and sea awaits those with a sense of adventure and the skills necessary for a wilderness trip. Travel at your own pace, using the wind and weather as your guide.

Kayak rentals are available on the islands and some tour operators will transport your kayaks to some of the popular sites within Gwaii Haanas, saving you the two days it takes to reach the Gwaii Haanas boundary from the closest boat launch at Moresby Camp.

All un-guided, independent visitors must make a reservation, pay an all-inclusive fee and attend an orientation to register for a trip permit.


  • This area has significant tidal variation, strong currents, rapidly changing weather, and strong winds that develop with little or no warning 

  • Make daily travel plans flexible to accommodate delays caused by poor weather conditions 

  • Bring enough fuel and food to sustain you for a few extra days 

  • Carry clothing and equipment for a variety of weather conditions 

  • Be aware of the hazards

  • Take the time to learn about the waters you plan to navigate

  • You will require good maps or charts to plan your daily itinerary and overnight stops

For further help planning your trip contact us.

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