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Swan Bay Rediscovery Program

Swan Bay Rediscovery Camp © Parks Canada / Debby Gardiner

Swan Bay Rediscovery Program is a summer cultural camp experience in Gwaii Haanas for Haida and other youth from all communities on Haida Gwaii and beyond.

Participants learn wilderness skills and marine skills, play games, meet physical challenges, receive teachings and personal support and get to experience a sense of community and connection to the earth that can empower them for years to come.

The program has many benefits for young people:

  • It increases cultural and environmental awareness
  • It helps to establish cultural identity
  • It enhances self-esteem and confidence, and encourages positive social interaction between youth of many differing cultures.
  • It connects young people to Gwaii Haanas through an interactive and engaging experience.

For more information: Swan Bay Rediscovery Program

Learning from elders © Parks Canada