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Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada

Taking a break at Russell Island
Established in 2003, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve safeguards a portion of British Columbia's beautiful southern Gulf Islands archipelago. These islands are representative of the Strait of Georgia Lowlands, one of the most ecologically at risk natural regions in southern Canada. This small park reserve includes thirty-six square kilometres of land and marine area on fifteen islands, numerous islets and reefs which provide valuable habitat for seals and nesting shorebirds. Additionally twenty-six square kilometres of submerged lands are also administered for national park purpose.

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UPDATE: Starting July 17, temporary fire bans are in effect at McDonald Campground and Prior Centennial Campground until further notice. CSA/ULC certified campfire apparatuses with a flame less than 15cm, are now exempt from the fire ban. These devices are only permitted for use in the McDonald and Prior Centennial campgrounds.  

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Southern Strait of Georgia